Edu Falaschi Myspace interview for Myspace fans (2007)

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CATEZ SYLVIE: – Hi Edu ! Could you say more about Almah’s future, especially about the new album, dvd, concerts, please? Thanks for the news, and thanks a lot for your happiness and positive energy that you give us with your wonderful music. i wish you all the best ! see you soon in france!

EDU FALASCHI: Hi Catez! Thanks for your kindness! I’m intending to record a new Almah’s album soon, to be released in 2008, probably in april, but it depends on the Angra’s future. If I release the new album next year, I will release a cd together with dvd with video clips, a special concert and more backstage material for sure. I already have many songs done.

STEPHAN DROUIN: – Outside of the members of Angra and Almah, if you could do one tour in a supergroup and if you could have any musician you wanted, who would you want in that group?

EDU FALASCHI: I would have Zakk Wylde- guitar, Blas Elias- drums, Steve Harris- bass, Jordan Rudess – keyboards.

LUNA TANAKA: – Could you tell us something about two bonus songs the Sign of Glory and Supermind? I hope that the Almah’s Japan tour comes true.

EDU FALASCHI: I really hope I can go to Japan soon with Almah! It would be fantastic! Maybe in 2008, who knows? Thanks for your love!!! I love Japan! Well…the 2 bonus track were released only in Europe, cause they released the album after Japan and Brazil. Those 2 songs are very nice, Supermind is very modern and dark, the vocal melody is quite strange, I tried to create something not usual and the Sign of Glory is more like a metal opera, the rhythm is diferent, it’s like the Argentinian traditional music called “tango”. I really like that song!

ALMAH.METALCOMMUNITY.RU: For us here in Russia, Brazil is like a different planet, there’s not so much news about it, just some stories from rare travelers. Is it true that there are many contrasts in your country? Do you think you can influence the situation as a famous musician? Do you want to? Some time before you sang “Save Africa”. What about “Save Brazil”? or… “Save Russia” ))

EDU FALASCHI: Brazil is a beautiful country, with happy people. But of course we have problems. I must confess that the main problem in Brazil is “corruption”, but this problem is everywhere, not only in Brazil. Our culture is really rich, our music is fantastic, you can find hundreds of different kind of rhythms and melodies. It’s a colorful country. You must know the right place to go here! Of course! All countries have good and bad people. But believe me, here it’s not only jungle! Hahaha… we have a very developed civilization! I think everybody that has the chance to say a message to the world through the music, must think that the words can be a gun, so, it’s good if you do something useful to the people… and not just tell bullshit. Well… about “Save Africa” from symbols, my former band, it could be just an example, it’s symbolic! But many countries from Africa still need our help!

LUCA TRIBI: – Hello Edu! When will you tour Italy with your great project? You’re the best!

EDU FALASCHI: Thanks my friend! I hope that an European tour can happen in March 2008, and probably we’re gonna play in Italy! I think we will have around 13 concerts, but it’s not confirmed yet. I will let everybody knows about this tour as soon as possible.

CHIARA RENATA CORRADI: – What is your favorite song you have written?

EDU FALASCHI: It’s a dificult thing to say, I composed many songs during my career! But I really like Heroes of Sand, Nova Era, The Traveller, King, Breathe, etc.

CAROLINA JORDAO GOMES RIBEIRO: – I would like knowing if this solo project damages in some form the band Angra and if it is difficult to work in them both ?

EDU FALASCHI: No! There’s no problem at all! I think I could reach new fans with Almah, and those fans now can know more about Angra and the Angra fans could know more about me through Almah.

MARIANNA LUCENA: – Is there any place where you didn’t expect a big audience and suddenly you got a lot of people there?

EDU FALASCHI: Yeah…we had something like that…I will never forget a concert we did in Salvador, a Brazilian city where most of the people love popular songs, like “Axe Music”. We didn’t know that we would meet so many metal guys there! And believe me! Salvador is a metal city! I love there!

PABLO MACEDO ANTUNES: – Do you have any superstition? Wich one?

EDU FALASCHI: No, I don’t care about that! I don’t think something from the other side could give me problems or not. I don’t like to depend on objects or attitudes. I want to just depend on me.

JOHN GUEBER: – Hello Edu, nice idea, thank you for this opportunity . This is my question, do you feel that with Almah project you’ve “broken all the welds” of being the lead singer of Angra? …and now you are in a “box of ilusions” because the success of Almah??? Before you answer… take a “breathe”.

EDU FALASCHI: Hahaha, good idea. Well, I think with Almah I reached a diferent stage in my career. In Almah you can feel very clear, my own way of singing and composing! But of course Angra is the most important turning point in my life. Without Angra probably I wouldn’t reach what I get nowadays.

JULIANA DA CRUZ GUILHERME: – If Edu Falaschi could create an universal law, what would be that?

EDU FALASCHI: It’s quite dificult to say! Mmmmm… I would say that from now on all rich coutries must take care of the poor coutries building schools, giving food, hospitals, etc. Until finally stop poverty and misery in the world.

MONICA JARDIM FONTES: – When you were recording the Almah’s first album, did you imagine to have all this success or it has been beyond your expectations?

EDU FALASCHI: Actually, I did this album ‘cause I really needed to make something diferent and new in my carear. I had a very hard period in my life, when I had many problems with my voice, so I did a bad tour after the “Temple Of Shadows” releasing. I couldn’t sing correctly, I couldn’t control my voice. It was really tramatic. So I decided to record Almah to go into the spirit of music again, music only for music. Without thinking in marketing or something like that, I just did what I wanted, what I felt, what I needed in that time to get my self-confidence back. The result was fantastic and the feedback from the fans even better. So for me it was like a dream.

LUCAS MARQUES SANTANA: – Edu, I want to know what do you think has changed in you since Rebirth. Do you think you was totally ready? Do you think the music world is like you wanted?

EDU FALASCHI: I think I was ready to start a new era in my career and in Angra. Of course I needed time to get more experience on the stage. I know that, but before Angra I recorded one vinyl with Mitrium, 2 cds with Symbols, one cd with Venus and other diferent stuff so I already had background in studios for example. On the stage you need to be on the road to get experience.

SHRIKKANTH SREEDHARAN: – Has the time affected your ability to write music? If so, how?

EDU FALASCHI: No, I use to write music almost every week. Time just helped me to be more experienced.

IGNACIO ARIEL LOPEZ: – I would like to know what kind of feelings do you have when a fan asks you for an autograph or takes a picture with you. Did you have the same situation with an artist when you were a boy?

EDU FALASCHI: I remember… I asked an autograph to an a international artist around 1990, and he was such a stupid person. So in that time I thought… “I will never treat a fan like that in my life!”. I really respect the fans ’cause their love is real, is authentic, in metal it’s true. So, we are talking about feelings, and when somebody that you love is stupid with you, you will remember that bad feeling forever! I don’t want it to my fans!

FRANCESCA FIORUCCI: – When will you tour Italy with your great project? You’re the best!

EDU FALASCHI: I hope we can play in Italy as soon as possible. Actually I decided to make the new cd and then go to Europe and Japan. This way the people will know even more about Almah and we will have more fans in the tour. I received a invitation to make a tour in March, 2008. But in this period I will start the new Almah’s album, so probably after the releasing, that will happen in the second semester of 2008, I will know how, where and when the tour will be. But I’m very confident we’re gonna play in Europe this year, and of course in Italy too.

MARCELO DOS SANTOS: – Hi Edu, please tell us what about the Angra’s future?

EDU FALASCHI: We needed to stop the activities since July of 2007, we had many internal problems, so we decided to stop and then organize the band. Unfortunally we need time to solve all problems, we really miss the fans. But Angra is a big band and deserves the best structure, now we are selecting the right people to work with Angra, we don’t want to lose time anymore with people that don’t think as a group, but just individually. That’s why we are doing our best to prepare something really good for the Angra’s future.

CAROLINE HARRIS: – How the new Almah’s album sounds like?

EDU FALASCHI: Well, the first Almah’s album was my first experience as a solo artist. I did the album just for fun, so the album has a lot of diferent styles and for me it was amazing that the people liked it! But for this second album I’m preparing a material where you will feel that Almah has a defined style. My intention is releasing the album together with some surprises. I want to make something diferent next time. And musically, I already could say that this next Almah’s album will be the best or one of the bestest albums in my career until now. It’s heavier, powerful, with great melodies and choruses. It’s faster and a bit more progressive than the previous one and probably I will put only 2 balads. All songs will work out very well live. It will be special! That’s why I want to make everything very carefuly! This next album must be released in the second semester of 2008.

ZHANG ZHONGJING: – Hi mr. Edu Falashi, who will play in the next Almah’s album ? Will you record with the same musicians of the first one ( Emppu – Nightwish, Lauri Porra – Stratovarius and Casey Grillo – Kamelot ) or will you invite the guys that were playing during the tour you did in 2007?

EDU FALASCHI: Hi my Chinese friend! ;) I loved to record with those guys, they are friends and they are very good musicians. But this time I will record with people that will make also the tour. I want the same guys from the studio playing live. I can already annouce that Felipe Andreoli (Angra’s bass player) and Marcelo Barbosa (Khallice’s guitar-player) will be part of the new Almah’s album. The rest of the band I will announce as soon as possible. I will choose very carefuly the musicians, I want to play with true and professional people.

PATRICK AMIEL: – Hi Edu! I just knew that Rafael Bittencourt will release a solo album as well, did you listen to it already?

EDU FALASCHI: Hi Patrick, I didn’t listen to it yet! But I’m sure it must be very nice, ‘cause Rafael is one of the greatest composers that I ever met. I learned many things with him, actually I learned many things with all of the other guys. It’s a great honor to divide the same stage with Felipe, Kiko and Rafael. I use to divide my professional life in two parts: b.a ( before Angra ) and a.a ( after Angra ). I really hope we can be back on the road as soon as possible.

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