STILL ALIVE: new single from the debut album “Kyo” (produced by Edu Falaschi) is available now

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“Forgiven Secrets”, the second single from the debut album KYO of Brazilian metallers STILL ALIVE is available now for streaming via official YouTube channel of the band. “Forgiven Secrets” is the opening track of this concept CD released by MS Metal Records on 30th of July in Brazil only.

The album was recorded in 2011 at Norcal Studios in São Paulo and produced by Edu Falaschi. KYO is inspired by Darren Aronofsky’s masterpiece “The Fountain”.

STILL ALIVE is: Walter Campos – vocals, Gil Vasconcelos – guitars, Felipe Fantuzzi – bass, Rodolfo Iriarte – keyboards. The drums for KYO were recorded by Marcelo Moreira, ALMAh’s colleague of Edu Falaschi.

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