Edu Falaschi about ALMAh: “I already have several new songs ready!”

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As previously reported, last week-end ALMAh made several important concerts in Brazil. The band played two headline shows, in São Paulo (sold out) and Santos/SP. Also, ALMAh became one of the main national participants of PDR 2012 – Porão do Rock, the most important festival of independent music in Brazil, on September 7th in Brasília. The band came back on track with new bass player Raphael Dafras who has been invited to play the current part of Motion Tour.

Right before this leg of the tour, the frontman and mastermind of ALMAh Edu Falaschi in a short conversation with Brazilian journalist Marcelo Moreira from Jornal da Tarde talked about the current moment of ALMAh and plans for the nearest future. See below the English translation of Edu’s comments:

About ANGRA and ALMAh:
“I succeded to arrange activities of both bands in a satisfactory way, also due to the fact that since 2007 when ALMAh was born, Angra’s breaks had become every time longer and longer . ALMAh has always been a BAND, not a kinda solo or alternative project”.

About leaving ANGRA:
“I had to think about myself. With ALMAh I have all the opportunities to keep singing well, because this stuff is in my vocal range. Here I don’t have to sing very high songs how it was in Angra with songs of times of André Matos.”

About searching a new bassist:
“I was even thinking about my brother Tito (Falaschi, ex-Symbols, Illustria) for ALMAh bass, but he participates in so many projects, so he could’t dedicate himself completely to the band”.

About ALMAh future:
“I already have several new songs ready and a few ones which are almost ready. It will be heavy and modern album again. “Motion” was accepted perfectly and it showed that ALMAH stayed on the right way. It will be a great challenge to create a better album.”

The original article in Portuguese is available: at this location.

Foto: Porão do Rock

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