Edu Falaschi comments on Almah to Rolling Stone Brazil

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Edu Falaschi has recently commented to Rolling Stone Brazil upon participation of Almah in Rock in Rio festival in September 2013, the current moment of his career and the band’s plans.

“To play at Rock In Rio is like raising the World Cup overhead! – tells Edu. “I’m very happy after having passed through difficult and controversial times. I left Angra, my band Almah changed its line-up and my mother passed away at the end of the last year… Amidst all that, there was traumatic performance of Angra at Rock in Rio 2011. Big problems with the sound happened and it was me who suffered the most, you see? And this time the organizers decided to call me back to restore the situation with Almah”.

Besides Rock in Rio, Almah is going to release a new album this year, the fourth one in the history of the band and the first one in Falaschi’s career with Almah as his main goal: “The new album will be more positive. While Motion (2011) is a fucking heavy, tense and dark album, the new one will be hopeful with fast songs. Right now we are doing pre-production to enter the studio soon!”

ALMAh was established in 2006 as a solo-project of Edu Falaschi (Angra’s singer at that moment). After release of the first album entitled “Almah” the solo-project turned into a real band with a stable line-up. Thus Almah recorded “Fragile Equality” (2008) and “Motion” (2011). In May 2012 Falaschi announced his departure from Angra to concentrate on ALMAh as his main band. In the beginning of 2013 Almah confirmed the entrance of new bassist, Raphael Dafras, and released a video “Living and Drifting”. In March the musicians started pre-production for the next studio CD. More news coming soon.

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