ALMAh: New album title, Cover artwork unveiled

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ALMAh have set “Unfold” as the title of its fourth album, coming later this year. The CD is currently being recorded in São Paulo, Brazil at “Do It! Studio” of Edu and Tito Falaschi.

The cover artwork was designed by NATHALIA SUELLEN (LADY SYMPHONIA), an internationally recognized digital artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil who has previously worked with musicians, writers, publishing houses such as DARK MOOR, Random House, Penguin Group, Harper Collins, Simon&Schuster, McCann Erickson, Scholastic and Harry N. Abrams Books and others.

The new cover artwork for “Unfold” can be seen below, more information and comments about the album concept and track listing will be revealed soon.

ALMAh was established in 2006 as a solo-project of Edu Falaschi (Angra’s singer at that moment). After release of the first album entitled “Almah” the solo-project turned into a permanent band that launched another two CDs – “Fragile Equality” (2008) and “Motion” (2011). In May 2012 Falaschi announced his departure from Angra to concentrate on ALMAh as his main band. In June 2013 Almah’s drummer Marcelo Moreira recorded drums at AML studio in his home city Florianopolis, Brazil for the new Almah CD.

On September 19 the band will take part in ROCK IN RIO Festival, one of the most important musical events of the year.

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