Power Of Metal Russian Community Interview (2008)

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Interview made by Russian fans from Power Of Metal (POM) Community

The Sinner: Fragile Equality is described like “the balance between all the elements of the universe”. Could you agree with the idea that any union of human beings (friendship, family, band etc) is a kinda mini-universe? Some people think that it’s impossible to have “equality” in these unions, because one gives more – another one takes more… What’s your opinion? What about ALMAH as a band? Is it “equality” and how much “fragile” it is? Do you think that a human being is also a universe of different elements in one whole? So, what about YOU, did you find this balance inside of you and is it “equality” and how much “fragile” it is? And has the latest Angra’s story also inspired you for the album conception like this?
Edu: WOW! Lot of questions in ONE! Hahahaha!!! But It’s ok! The balance is in everything, from the most complex to the simplest aspects of our lives. All point of views depend on the angle you see the things. We are always trying to get this balance, but it’s really difficult to find out, sometimes you get for a while but suddenly it is lost. Then you start you journey again to get the perfect equilibrium. But the most important thing in this very complex universe, is knowing that always there is the other side, and what is good for you maybe is not good for the others. So, coexisting things is the way to reach the reasonable way of live. The concept of the album is based in a MANGA book that I’m co-writing. It’s an adventure story that talks about this balance I talked before.

Fontoms: Open a secret: how your creative process is going on? How a new song is getting born?
Edu: Inspiration is the key, you can’t explain it. Words are not able to explain where the ideas came from. I just leave the ideas start pumping up. Music is my life. Well I play many instruments I think it helps a bit.

The Scarecrow: Do you believe in God? In general, are you religious? If you are, for what do you believe in God and how do you imagine Him?
Edu: No, I’m not. I believe in faith , energy and action.

Fontoms: Have you ever faced a situation like this: you work at a new album and during the recording you get a feeling that the album is worse than previous one, and what do you do in the situation like this?
Edu: It’s impossible to happen, cause I just record an album when I’m totally sure that the album is exactly what I want in that moment.

The Tapdancer: Nowadays it’s impossible to imagine our life without mobile phones, computers and other technical facilities. Could you begin your life from a new point somewhere out of this civilization, in some isolated place? Don’t you think that we should be closer to the Nature?
Edu: Do you believe if I would tell you that I’m really thinking in an idea like this? Hahaha, that’s interesting question, you read my mind and heart.

Grisha: From you opinion, which things in Russia and Brazil are common and which ones are different? I don’t mean the geography, the climate… I rather mean the culture, the people, the art, the politics…
Edu: Well, I don’t know very well the Russian people, but I know that you are very lovely people like the Brazilians. I have a very special feeling for Russia, I had magical moments there, they were brieth but very special moments. It’s in my heart forever.

The Scarecrow: 5 reasons to visit Brazil?
(The Sinner: and 5 reasons not to visit Brazil).
Edu: The weather, food, beaches, music and carnival.
And bad things are, Violence in some big cities, Corruption, Poverty, Pollution and the president.

Thomen: If you could choose in which country to be born and to live your entire live anew, it would be the same, in Brazil? Or in some other country? Which and why?
Edu: Australia. It’s like the Brazil that works.

Thomen: During the tours you already visited a huge amount of countries. That’s why I’d like to ask, in which country you’ve ever been, the girls are the most beautiful?
Edu: In Russia for sure.

Montage: What do you think about Large Hadron Collider? Not so long ago I asked your fellow-in-arms Tobias Sammet about this, but alas, he didn’t even know what I’m talking about.
Edu: The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world’s largest and highest-energy particle accelerator, intended to collide opposing beams of protons or lead ions, each moving at approximately 99.999999% of the speed of light. It lies underneath the Franco-Swiss border between the Jura Mountains and the Alps near Geneva, Switzerland. It is funded by and built in collaboration with over 10,000 scientists and engineers from over 100 countries as well as hundreds of universities and laboratories. That’s a big step for the future.

The Scarecrow: What do you think about penguins, how do you treat them? Do you worry about the problems of these amazing birds like the pollution of the environment which indirectly is a reason for them dying out? Would you like to be a penguin yourself?

Edu: I love penguins they are very funny! I worry about any king of destruction. I didn’t want to be a penguins, I would prefer to be an Eagle.

Thomen: Your attitude to the food and drinks. What to you prefer for using, what do you prefer for abusing?

Edu: I love Crab, Shrimp, Pasta, Pizza, etc….drinks Beer and Wine. I don’t abuse about food or drinks.

The Tapdancer: Edu, what’s your favorite dish? Can you cook yourself? If yes, which dish is your speciality?
Edu: I can’t cook at all. I love Pastas and sea food. Well, I can cook eggs.

Iron Fox: If you were able to release your own video game, what would it have been? Would you do a role-playing game, or a slasher, or strategy game? What concept would it have? And, of course, what piece of your music would you use as a soundtrack? :) I really love playing Devil May Cry 4 while listening to Angra songs!
Edu: I would create a Soccer game, where you put a visor, and then you see yourself inside the camp in a real shape and the players would be the real image from the soccer idols. That would be cool!

Fontoms: Do you really like to watch anime? If yes, what kinds of? I’m the fan of this art myself…
Edu: I love animes, I like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and Zodiac Warriors. But I prefer the old ones, like King Arthur, Pinocchio, The princes and the Knife, Don Dracula and Space Pirates. I loved also Spectroman, Giant Robot and Ultraseven.

Thomen: Which qualities do you appreciate in people the most? And vice versa, which ones do you hate the most?
Edu: I like good character, I appreciate when people are honest. I hate false people.

The Scarecrow: ‘There Will Be Blood” or ”No Country For Old Men”? Or in another way: Paul Thomas Anderson or Ethan & Joel Coen?
Edu: The brothers that got the Oscar in my opinion are really good. I prefer them.

The Sinner: You spent your childhood in Rio and Sampa but if I’m not mistaken you started to play music and your rock career with Mitrium living in Sao Vicente/SP. Is it far from Sao Paolo? Was it difficult for such a young man like you at that time to find your way in Sao Paolo? Did somebody help you? What would you advise to a young band who only begins its way in music?
Edu: São Vicente is a very nice city and close to São Paulo. It’s a coast city. But nothing happens there professionally. Then I needed to come to São Paulo. It was hard, nobody supported me. I got everything by myself. Play a honest music and have fun with your band mates.

Thomen: What’s your attitude to the Internet? Is it good or is it Evil? Are you an active Internet user? And for sure, what do you think about music downloading?!
Edu: I just use internet for email and Almah/Angra stuffs. I think internet is really cool cause it unites people from all over the world. But at the same time, it’s killing the music industry.

Thomen: Do you like to read, what do you prefer – prose or poetry? Who is your favorite writer and what is your favorite book?
Edu: I like reading, actually I’m not into poetry or prose. I like writer from Clarice Lispector to Jorge Amado.

Bruce: Do you like football? If yes, what team do you prefer?
Edu: I love it. I support Corinthians.

Fontoms: When you visit some country, some city for the first time in your life, do you go sight-seeing, what do you do in a new place in general?

Edu: If I’m not destroyed and very tired because the tour I like visiting cities. I never travelled only for vacation, always touring.

Pvt. Snafu: Would you like the idea to record a metal cover for the song Chorando Se Foi to be extremely popular in Russia (this is the most famous brasilian song here)?
Edu: No, It’s a very old song. I don’t like it. Too Dancing for me.

Fontoms: Do you have any special song for you that you have written during your entire career? Or you your songs like children and you love them all in the same measure?
Edu: All songs that I wrote are very important for me.

Montage: My girlfriend considers power metal to be a kinda primitive music. She listens to gothic and doom. I try to explain her that from the point of view of playing music power metal is very complicated and can’t be considered as something simple. Then she says that gothic and doom are more emotional, passionate and they have some special atmosphere, and power doesn’t have it. Please advise me, how can I convince her that she is not right, a few very convincing reasons?
Edu: Well, I think you should respect her opinion. It’s all matter of taste. I like gothic songs too. Actually I think we have more interesting gothic bands then powermetal bands. He powermetal scene became very boring. That’s why I did FRAGILE EQUALITY, maybe you should show her this album. I sure she will respect it.