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Edu Falaschi was born in São Paulo on 18th of May 1972 and he got his first contact with music yet in the childhood, thanks to his father and other relatives, not professional musicians but persons who really adored good music and played it. His love to the metal began when Edu bought his first album for his 12th anniversary, it was The Last in Line of DIO (1984). Since then, Edu has a lot of respect and admiration to Ronnie James Dio, and, moreover, this legend played a big part in the formation of the future metal star. When he was 14, Edu started to play the acoustic guitar.

After playing in a few school and cover bands, the professional career of Edu as a singer and composer began in 1990 with his first band Mitrium (Santos/SP). The band recorded a few demos. After a great success in the home city, in 1993 the band went to São Paulo where they signed a record deal with Army Records and released the first split-LP Eyes Of Time with four tracks. The record received several positive notes from the metal media and Mitrium was considered one of the most promising bands in São Paulo.

In 1994 Edu Falaschi took part in a worldwide contest to replace IRON MAIDEN vocalist Bruce Dickinson. Edu stayed in contact with Maiden’s producer Dick Bell, the singer appeared on magazines covers, participated in talk shows, TV presentations and other activities in leading Brazilian mass media such as Rede Globo, SBT, MTV, Rádio 97 FM, Folha de São Paulo, Estadão, etc.

In 1994-1998 Edu dedicated himself to college studies (marketing and publicity) and had to leave Mitrium. In 1998 Falaschi was invited to produce the first studio album of his bother Tito Falaschi’s band, Symbols Of Time (soon changed for Symbols). After a few line-up changes Edu became not only a producer but a real member of the band. With Symbols Edu Falaschi recorded 2 important LPs (Symbols/1998 and Call To The End/2000) showing his talent as a vocalist, composer, and professional arranger. The second studio effort had very good sales in Brazil and abroad. In 1998 Edu Falaschi also arranged, produced the voice melodies and sang all the tracks for the album Ordinary Existence of VENUS band (São Paulo/Brazil).

In June 2000 Edu Falaschi participated in the auditions to get the place of new Angra’s vocalist and finally succeeded: in 2001 Edu Falaschi joins Angra and leaves Symbols. The first studio album of Edu with Angra became the most successful one of the band ever. It reached the golden CD status in Brazil just after 40 days of its official sales. For this album Falaschi composed such hits as Nova Era, Heroes Of Sand, and Bleeding Heart. Edu became the third best vocalist in the world according to the most important rock magazine, Burrn! (Japan). During Rebirth World Tour Angra played more than a hundred shows from the end of 2001 to the beginning of 2003. Then Angra released the EP Hunters And Prey and DVD/CD Rebirth World Tour Live in São Paulo.

After one-year break, in 2003 Angra took part in several big European festivals with Whitesnake, Motorhead, Saxon etc. In November 2003 Edu Falaschi with his colleagues started to work at the new album Temple Of Shadows. Almost all the recording sessions took place in Germany. Edu contributed to the CD as a composer with three significant songs: Spread Your Fire, Angels And Demons and Wishing Well. The album was considered not only the most sophisticated in the band’s history, but the best ever Angra’s album from the musical point of view. Edu Falaschi was voted as the second best vocalist-2005 in the world. Meantime, Edu was invited to participate as a special guest in some projects and sang Brazilian versions of songs from the soundtrack for Japanese anime Saint Seiya (Pegazus Fantasy, Never and Blue Forever).

In 2006 Edu Falaschi gave birth to his own band, Almah. The first self-titled album was released in June 2006 (Brazil and Japan) and in March 2007 (Europe). Edu Falaschi demonstrated his talent as a composer, arranger and producer since he wrote all the lyrics, songs, and made all the orchestral, acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, guitars and drums arrangements. In the beginning ALMAh was a studio solo project with invited stars: Emppu Vuorinem (Nightwish’s guitar player), Lauri Porra (Stratovarius’ bassist), Casey Grillo (Kamelot’s drummer), Mike Stone (Queensryche’s guitar player) and Edu Ardanuy (Dr. Sin’s guitar player).

In 2006 Falaschi recorded one more studio album with Angra, Aurora Consurgers. After an extensive world tour in September 2006 – July 2007 the band took a break due to some administrative problems and Edu Falaschi dedicated himself to Almah again. The band formed a permanent lineup with Brazilian musicians and recorded the second conceptual CD Fragile Equality. The album represented excellent prog power metal stuff and was released in September, 2008, by JVC (Asia), AFM (Europe/USA) and Laser Company (Brazil/Latin America). It was indicated as one of the best releases of the year by many important media worldwide.

In the beginning of 2009 Angra returned to high activity. The band made a big Brazilian tour with Sepultura and started working at a new CD at the end of 2009. The 7th album of the band “Aqua” was released in August-September 2010 worldwide, the CD became a significant event on the global metal scene. Edu Falaschi composed four songs for the album: Arising Thunder (the first single), piano ballad Lease Of Life (became video clip), The Spirin in the Air and Awake From Darkness. The album was supported by an extensive worldwide tour around Europe, South America, North America, Asia and, of course, Brazil. In September 2011 ANGRA played the last show with Edu at the famous ROCK IN RIO festival.

In January 2011, while still on tour with Angra Edu united with his ALMAh band mates and started creating new ideas for the 3rd studio album. The musicians composed, arranged and made the whole pre-production of new songs during February – April 2011. The material was recorded at NORCAL STUDIOS in São Paulo in May-June and mixed and mastered in Europe at SPLIT SECOND SOUND STUDIOS (Netherlands) by Jochem Jacobs in July.

The album entitled MOTION was released in September 16th in Brazil (Laser), October 17th in Europe (AFM) and October 19th in Japan (JVC). The CD consolidated the position of ALMAH on metal scene. In October-December 2011 ALMAh played the first shows of Motion Tour in various Brazilian cities such as São Paulo, Curitiba, Porto Allegre, Belo Horizonte and others. In the beginning of 2012 Edu Falaschi took a break and ALMAh returned to live activities in April 2012 on stage of Metal Open Air Festival. At the same period of time ALMAH passed through several line-up changes. In May 2012 Edu Falaschi announced his departure from Angra to concentrate his full attention on ALMAh.

Meanwhile, Edu keeps working as a producer with several Brazilian bands, makes guest appearances and workshops around Brazil.