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Without any doubts, Edu Falaschi has become a producer well in demand and gained enough worldwide attention to this part of his diverse career within the recent years. No wonder, because in production field Falaschi relies on his huge worldwide-level-experience, 20 years of a musician’s career with such bands as Angra and ALMAh and 16 releases. He has always been interested in music production and appeared at producer’s desk the first time quite early, in 1998-2001, being a member of Symbols.

After a few years’ break, having got a lot of experience with Angra and done record sessions with famous European specialists such as Dennis Ward, he returned to produce with his own band Almah. Obviously all its albums – Almah (2006), Fragile Equality (2008) and Motion (2011) satisfy all the requirements of modern and high quality production.

Starting from 2009, Falaschi accepts invitations to produce works of other musicians. Thus, nowadays bands and musicians have a unique chance to get the assistance of Edu Falaschi as their producer. Such rising stars of Brazilian metal scene as Age Of Artemis, Still Alive, Angels Holocaust and others are already in his roster.

The main goal of this collaboration is to compose, arrange and record songs that could reflect the band’s own spirit and singularity according to high standards of modern music scene. The producer can help you to make your own path reaching the best result in the studio and not to get lost among huge and diverse technical opportunities, influences and trends of today. Edu carefully analyzes all the requests from Brazilian and international bands in order to plan his producing work together with his musician’s activities.

Edu Falaschi’s producer credo: “Basically, a producer needs to understand the artist’s spirit, incorporate it himself and reach for the best they can offer. Take it, produce it, develop it and record it in a good quality!”



The complete services package includes organization, consulting, assisting and supervising all the steps of the album production. You can choose the best form of collaboration and the phase of the recording at which the producer joins your band.

1. Pre-production. The main goal of this part is to prepare your songs for recording in the studio, to have they done in ideal and the most professional way possible to create significant CD in your career:
- listening to and analyzing materials presented by a band, its idea and potential;
- help in selecting ideas, assistance and consulting in composing of songs and parts, structuring and arrangements;
- preparing the album material for recording together with the band, to form songs and album as they should sound.
2. Studio recording:
This part of work takes place in a good quality sound studio with all the necessary equipment and engineering staff. The producer consults and supervises all the steps of the recordings including drums, guitars, bass, vocals, choirs, keyboards, orchestrations and other additional elements.
3. Mixing and mastering:
Organizing and supervising all the process together with studio’s engineers to get the desirable result.


Edu Falaschi: “Actually, DO IT! STUDIO is a real accomplishment of my philosophy as a producer! I have in mind to make REAL sound production according to the international standards. Having worked for more than 10 years with ANGRA, I know what it’s all about, how the production of a professional CD should be done, detail by detail and thinking about the final result as a means to show identity of the band to future fans. Every step of work should be done with a lot of care, from composition and arrangements to mastering!

Well, this year I joined my forces with my brother Tito to create this studio with modern equipment such as Amp Mesaboogie, Pro-Tools, Cubase, Mac computers, Yamaha monitors etc. All this will allow you to get to the best quality to be presented at the music market of today without wasting a lot of money. Due to our experience and contacts we can afford to select good and promising bands to work with. For example, the debut CD of Age Of Artemis (2012) is very successful in Brazil and got a record deal in Japan. Now it’s your turn!

Be serious, be professional and responsible – it’s a good base to establish your future in the music! And welcome to DO IT! STUDIO”.

Also, the producer can join the musicians at their rehearsals base/studio for pre-production / production. In case of a different city, the client provides a professional studio with Pro-tools HD and highly professional staff, flights, catering and hospitality.

ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIES (publicity, marketing):

Collaboration with the Musician/Producer of such level creates additional and important marketing opportunities for a band, especially if it just starts its way in the professional area. The brand “Edu Falaschi” attracts the audience and draws attention both in Brazil and worldwide. The partnership can become not only the first step in album production but also a help for you to stay visible for Angra and Almah fan base. The main steps of your work are broadcast via Edu Falaschi’s websites and social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace with total audience about 50.000. Bonus: the main details are included in Edu Falaschi’s international newsletter for global metal websites.


E-mail: edufalaschiproduction@gmail.com