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Singer, composer, arranger, producer and multi-instrumentalist, ALMAh’s founder/vocalist Edu Falaschi (ex-ANGRA) is one of the most respected and famous musicians on heavy metal scene in Brazil and worldwide with his 20-year international level career, 16 albums released, about 100 songs composed and more than one million CDs sold.

He is backed up by his experience with such bands as Angra, Almah and Symbols, thousands of shows played all over the world, singing in front of 100.000 audience and months of work in professional first-class studios in Brazil, Europe and North America as a musician and producer.

For more than ten years (2001 – 2012) Edu was the frontman and one of the main composers of ANGRA and recorded 4 albums with this icon of Brazilian metal. Many live and radio hits of the band, as Nova Era, Lease Of Life, Wishing Well, Spead Your Fire and others, are written by Edu.

In 2006 Edu Falaschi established his own band, ALMAh, and reached huge international success with it very fast. ALMAh has already launched 4 studio albums “Almah” (2006), “Fragile Equality” (2008), “Motion” (2011) and “Unfold” (2013). In May 2012 Edu left ANGRA to concentrate on his “child” ALMAH.

Edu Falaschi was voted by Japanese fans as one of the best rock singers in the world several times. He is often invited as a special guest to shows and recordings of many Brazilian and international stars such as Dado Villa Lobos (LegiĆ£o Urbana), Tarja Turunen, Kamelot, Genius Rock Opera, Soulspell Metal Opera and others. Edu sang on the soundtrack of the Brazilian version of world-famous Japanese anime movie Saint Seiya.

Besides his singer/composer career, Edu Falaschi is recognized as one of the best music producers in Brazil. Edu started his producer’s career together with his work in Symbols in 1998. After a few years break, having got a lot of experience recording the vocals for Angra’s albums with famous European specialists as Dennis Ward, he returned to the producer’s desk with Almah in 2006 and since that moment he has never stopped working at his own bands’ stuff as well as with other metal acts.

One of the top-metal singers of the world, Edu Falaschi plays various instruments.

Edu Falaschi is really famous in Brazil due to his active social position that he presents in the Internet, Radio and TV. One of his main social activities is the environment protection.

(Photo by Ricardo Ferreira)

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ALMAh’s founder/vocalist Edu Falaschi (ex-ANGRA) started his professional life in 1990 with a band Mitrium. He got his first composer experience and then the band recorded its first demo with Just Remember song. In 1992, they released the second one with such tracks as The Shadows and You Can Choose The Side Of Darkness both written by Edu Falaschi…


The main goal of Edu Falaschi as your producer is to compose, arrange and record songs together with a band that could reflect its own spirit and singularity according to high standards of modern music scene. The producer can help you to make your own path reaching the best result in the studio and not to get lost among huge and diverse technical opportunities, influences and trends of today.


Edu Falaschi is not only worldwide famous singer, composer, arranger and metal producer, but also a renowned musical teacher. Every year he makes many workshops in various cities in Brazil. Also Edu gives singing lessons when his musician/producer schedule makes it possible.



FACTS&STORIESVarious interesting facts and stories from Edu Falaschi’s bio, how happened his first contact with music, which album he bought the first and other stuff!