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Eduardo Falaschi, Angra and Almah’s vocalist, started his career as a producer in 1998 when his brother, Tito Falaschi, invited him to produce the first official album of Symbols. Still during the pre-production, he also joined the band as a vocalist.

The first self-titled album received many positive reviews from the specialized Brazilian and international media and it allowed Edu to get his certain position on the scene as a singer and a producer.

After making several concerts in Brazil Edu returned to the studio in order to record the second album of Symbols entitled Call To The End in 2000. The album had a great production since Falaschi got more experience after having worked in this area for two years. With Symbols Edu recorded such hits as: Eyes In Flames, The Traveller, Call To The End (from the 2nd album) as well as What Can I Do, Hard Feelings and Scream Of People from the debut one.

However, the career of Eduardo Falaschi in the production field really started in 2006 with Almah. Created and led by the artist, it united other great musicians such as Emppu Vuorinen (Nightwish guitarrist), Lauri Porra (Stratovarius bassist), Casey Grillo (Kamelot drummer), Eduardo Ardanuy (Dr. Sin guitar player) and Mike Stone (Queensrÿche guitar player) among others. Besides other duties (composer, arranger, vocalist) Edu became a producer of the debut album of Almah.

Two years later, in 2008 with the release of the second Almah CD “Fragile Equality”Edu Falaschi established his name as a producer even firmer. It was produced together with his band mate Felipe Andreoli.

In 2009 after receiving all the special recognition for “Fragile Equality”, Eduardo Falaschi was invited to produce the debut album of Artemis, a band from Brasí­lia. A bit later another band, Still Alive from Rio de Janeiro also called Edu to help with the debut CD as a producer. Falaschi actively worked with both bands during the pre-production. In June the recording sessions of both CDs started in Norcal Studios in São Paulo. Edu carefully analyzes all the requests from Brazilian and international bands in order to plan his producing work together with his musician’s activities.