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Edu talks about the first contact with music

“As far as I remember, I always liked music, my family is very big and I have many relatives that are musician, when I was around 8 years old, I just imitated some rock bands, and I was the drummer, my mamy was not happy cause I liked to use some “pans”, to be my “drums”, and I destroyed many of them. And the neighbors were very angry too because the big noise! Actually, I still disturb the neighbors, with many screams when I use to sing at home! Sometimes they call the police, but most of the time, the policeman recognize me and he says… “Edu, I don’t believe it’s you, gimme an autograph!!!” …so the neighbors don’t like me at all, cause even the policeman likes metal! And I keep screaming!!! Yeahhhhhh!!!
By the way, I remember when I got my first acoustic guitar, it was my first contact with real music, I was so happy, it was like a new world in my hands, many ideas started boiling and then this was the start of my new life style! My Rock’n Roll Life!!!”

Edu talks about the first album he got

Edu and Dio“I remember that my love to heavy metal began when I bought my first album for my 12th birthday, it was The Last in Line! It was like that: I’ve got some money from my grandma and ran to a record store and asked the salesman “mister, do you have a heavy disc”? He looked at me smiling and said – this one kicks ass! I bought it and run to listen on a musical player of my father, increased the volume and from the first note my future way was traced! For the first time I got to hear the best voice in the world: Ronnie James Dio, the master of masters!”